GenYChron Ep. 0021 – Absent self-love in a world of chaos and order

Show summary

We continue our discussion of Jordan Peterson’s best-selling book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. This week we provide commentary on the second rule of the book (RULE 2 / Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping).

Show notes

0:14 – “The best-selling Canadian author of 2018

1:05 – Why do so many people stop taking their prescribed medication? (Article about medication non-adherence)

2:29 – Does Jordan Peterson’s reasoning for RULE 2 actually make any sense?

7:07 – My hypothesis regarding why people don’t treat themselves like someone they are responsible for helping

9:55 – “We are often unaware that we are important to other people”

13:38 – Don’t concentrate on doing only things that make you happy, but concentrate on doing things that are actually good for you

15:23 – “Between you and me, who’s the ‘order’ in our relationship, and who’s the ‘chaos’”?

17:57 – Channeling your “dark side” to fuel your assertiveness

27:04 – The importance of having a vision and a direction in your life


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