GenYChron Ep. 0015 – Service culture wars: Germany and Austria vs. Canada

Show summary

On this week’s show, listen to us reminisce about our eyebrow-raising experiences with servers and cashiers in Germany, Austria and Canada. We compare two different service cultures and two different perspectives to see which one stands supreme. Prepare yourself for a mildly heated discussion!

Show notes

0:50 – “It’s strange how the level of expectation for good quality service is pretty low”

1:34 – During one of my university lectures, our professor asked for a show of hands to see if we agreed or disagreed with American-style customer service

3:36 – Canadian restaurant servers vs. German servers

5:09 – The art of German restaurant billing: it may take multiple waves and shouts to get your server to bring you the bill so you can pay and leave

6:08 – In Canada, good tipping is expected, but in Germany it’s not obligatory

8:36 – Dare to return your food to the kitchen in Germany

10:00 – Germany’s cash culture vs. Canada’s card culture

12:18 – Watch out for those German ATM fees; they’ll sting you if you’re from another bank

12:46 – Amaze German cashiers by using your card’s “tap” feature to pay

13:47 – Two meals, one plate

14:38 – Plate-tossing Viennese servers

17:06 – The automated ordering system at McDonald’s in Germany is much more efficient compared to the same system in Canada

19:00 – The definition of an oxymoron: Being ignored at a car dealership

22:19 – The bubbly charm of Canadian servers

24:24 – Are customer service telephone hotlines universally bad?

26:13 – Third time’s the charm when cancelling tenant insurance in Vienna

27:08 – Germans love their paperwork

29:14 – Parking spots for dogs

30:37 – Off topic… Why are the dogs in Munich so well-behaved?


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