GenYChron Ep. 0012 – The Impossible Burger, dangers of soy and food evolution

Show summary

On this week’s episode we sink our teeth into a trending food topic: the meatless burger that bleeds, AKA “The Impossible Burger”. We also review research about the relatively unknown dangers of eating unfermented soy. To finish, we discuss how the ever-increasing global demand for meat may eventually force us to invent a substitute for meat that is equally nutritious and delicious.

Show notes

0:20 – Adam Savage introduced me to the Impossible Burger (YouTube video)

0:40 – What’s an Impossible Burger? (Impossible Foods home page)

1:20 – “Faux” (Dictionary definition)

1:34 – Bill Gates is investing in the Impossible Burger (GeekWire news article)

1:57 – Where can you get the Impossible Burger? In 2018, White Castle started to sell the Impossible Burger in the United States (The New Yorker article)

2:13 – What’s the Impossible Burger’s secret ingredient? What is Heme? (Wikipedia article)

3:19 – The Impossible Burger’s list of ingredients (Impossible Burger FAQ)

3:34 – Does the Impossible Burger actually taste and feel like beef? (The Spoon review)

4:43 – The potential dangers of consuming unfermented soy (Research article)

7:24 – In some people, eating unfermented soy can cause a hormonal imbalance (Research article)

7:48 – Consumption of unfermented soy products can lead to lower sperm concentration in men (Research article)

7:51 – Soy milk and soy beverages… how are they made? (YouTube video)

9:17 – Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian fermented soy product (Wikipedia article)

9:43 – Avoid soy-based baby formulas (Health Line article)

11:04 – The evolution of humans and their food

12:25 – The growing middle class and their growing appetite for meat (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada blog article)

14:29 – From ape-like creatures to humans, the human digestive system and brain size have radically changed over the past millions of years (The Harvard Gazette article)

16:13 – The benefits of eating bone marrow and organ meats (ScienceDaily article)

18:37 – The “super size me” effect (Wikipedia article)

20:00 – Mass production vs. local production of meat

21:51 – The changing diets of cattle, chickens and pigs: grass vs. grain/soy/corn (Health line article)

22:43 – The “meat problem”

23:39 – The hypothetical Willy Wonka of hamburgers

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