GenYChron Ep. 0011 – The Millennial marriage taboo and Generation Squeeze

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This week we focus on the benefits of marriage, the ever-changing perspective of marriage in Western society and the unfortunate victim mentality of Millennials. We’ve collected a tonne of facts that will make you second-guess your preconceptions about marriage. We also share our opinions about why we should actually be excited about Generation Y’s prospects.

Show notes

1:03 – These days people are much older when they first marry (Article on the Time magazine)

1:18 – In Germany, people wait longer to get married compared to people in Canada (List of countries by age at first marriage on Wikipedia)

1:54 – In today’s Western culture, marriage has become devalued to the point of becoming taboo

2:33 – People see marriage as a first step towards divorce (Divorce statistics by country on Wikipedia)

3:07 – The likelihood of divorce increases if your parents got divorced (Journal article)

4:22 – In Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador has the lowest rate of divorce; whereas, Quebec has the highest rate (News article from the CBC)

5:15 – Marriage isn’t just for the couple; it’s for the children and other immediate family members, and community they live in (Research article)

7:12 – “Marriage is like social glue”

7:50 – Marriages versus cohabiting relationships (Journal article about comparison, research article about cohabitation’s role in declining marriage rates)

9:18 – Marriage is a human universal (Outlined in the book: Human Universals) (YouTube video of Bret Weinstein talking about marriage as an evolutionary phenomenon)

15:30 – People who are married, or were married, live longer (Research article)

16:25 – “…the benefits of marriage are comparable to or greater than anticancer treatment with chemotherapy” (Research article)

19:00 – Why does research show that married couples are healthier than non-married individuals? Two theories: marriage protection and marriage selection (Research article)

20:10 – Being married can reduced your number of days of inactivity due to poor health (Research article)

20:31 – In the United States, wealthier and more educated people are getting married at higher rates compared to low-income and less-educated people (News article from CBS)

21:01 – The cost of a typical American wedding in 2016 was $35,329 (Article on Fortune)

23:10 – The commitment of marriage forces you to be honest with your partner (YouTube video of Jordan Peterson explaining the real reason for marriage)

25:51 – Children do better in communities where marriages and families are intact (Report on poverty and inequality)

27:54Generation Squeeze: Some Millennials view themselves as victims being oppressed by the Baby Boomers

29:32 – There are some reports and surveys that show Millennials have higher unemployment rates, more contract work and have a late start in career-building (News article from the Globe and Mail)

30:44 – Generation Y needs to abandon its victim mentality and start leveraging something previous generations didn’t have: the Internet, social media, mobile technology and artificial intelligence

32:39 – Our generation is the first generation to have real access to the Internet… and real power to reach millions of people. We can become a generation of digital entrepreneurs who have no geographical limitations

35:17 – “Technology is going to be the biggest factor of our success as Millennials”

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