GenYChron Ep. 0007 – Epigenetics, fasting and outdated food guides

Show summary

Warning: listening to this week’s podcast episode may change the way you think about food and your genes. Did you know what you eat today can affect your great-grandchildren’s genes? Can fasting actually make you live longer? Did you know that the recommended limits on alcohol consumption significantly differ from country to country? Is eating eight servings of grain-based foods per day still a relevant recommendation?

Show notes

0:18 – Learning about epigentics on SciShow in 2012 (YouTube link)

0:48 – What does epigenetics mean? (Wikipedia article)

2:32 – How starvation affects epigentics and future generations

3:24 – Study on roundworms passing on their epigenetic information to their offspring (Research article link)

5:27 – Reduced caloric intake in rodents has shown to increase overall lifespan (Research article link)

5:50 – Fasting in cultural and religious traditions

6:58 – How dietary practices outlined in the Old Testament (or Hebrew Bible/Torah) helped ancient people live safer lives

8:25 – “A 24-hour fast restructured the gut microbiome in diabetic mice which beneficially impacted the shape and number of colon cells”… (Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Twitter)

10:51 – “Everything I do in my life, will affect my future children and their children”.

12:40 – Did you know that Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was filmed in Munich?

15:48 – The processed food revolution in the 1950s and 60s (Check out some actual 1950s recipes being prepared)

17:11 – Is it too expensive to buy fresh whole foods?

19:56 – Tips on how to eat healthy in Canada when you’re living on a tight budget

21:36 – Getting some good deals on local fruits and vegetables at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market (Home page)

22:42 – The national guidelines for alcohol consumption from country to country differ drastically (Research article) (UK’s guidelines vs. Germany’s guidelines vs. Canada’s guidelines)

24:20 – Beer used to be consumed as a substitute for water (Wikipedia article)

25:10 – Learn more about the latest research on the risks of alcohol consumption (BBC documentary – The Truth About Alcohol)

26:46 – The confusing and outdated Canada’s Food Guide (Link to the Guide)

29:31 – Eggs are good for you (yes, even the yolk) (Harvard Health Letter)

31:13 – “Europeans in general, don’t stay away from the fatty stuff”.

31:41 – Why do Canadians usually tend to drink milk that only has one to two percent fat content?

34:29 – In Europe they don’t refrigerate eggs in stores, but in North America you’ll always find them refrigerated (YouTube link)

37:42 – Egg vending machines are a thing in Germany (Image)


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