GenYChron Ep. 0005 – Sleep-loss epidemic, saunas and the Intellectual Dark Web

Show summary

This week we talk about your health on two fronts: the dangers of not getting enough sleep and the health benefits of going to the sauna. We provide a brief summary of Joe Rogan’s mind-blowing podcast with Matthew Walker, and we share our sauna bathing experiences in Canada and Germany. Last but not least, we define the trending #IntellectualDarkWeb by reviewing the facts.

Show notes

0:50 – Matthew Walker talks about sleep on Joe Rogan’s podcast (YouTube link) (Matthew Walker’s book: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams)

1:41 – The mid-afternoon crash

3:32 – The benefits of power napping

3:50 – How many hours of sleep should you get?

4:21 – How early should the school day start?

5:40 – Consequences of chronic sleep deprivation

6:01 – How long can you survive without sleep?

8:07 – Tips on how to fall asleep

13:47 – The unfortunate consequences of misdiagnosing sleep deprivation as ADD/ADHD

16:22Dr. Rhonda Patrick talking about the health benefits of going to the sauna on Joe Rogan’s podcast (YouTube link)

17:51 – Sauna culture in Canada vs. Germany

19:30 – “Aufguss” in German saunas (YouTube video demonstrating an “Aufguss”)

23:21 – Dennis’ story about almost fainting in a sauna

31:34 – Are Germans becoming more Americanized?

32:37 – #IntellectualDarkWeb

33:24 – Who makes up the Intellectual Dark Web?

34:55 – The Intellectual Dark Web isn’t actually a “Dark Web”

35:10 – The Intellectual Dark Web is going on tour (Events list)

37:16 – Shouldn’t it be called the Intellectual Light Web?

38:33 – Shouldn’t journalists be reporting the truth?

38:55 – The job of a journalist is to report the truth and to report fact

41:51 – The confusion surrounding political labels and their misinterpretation in different countries

43:48 – Find out where you are on the political compass by playing Democracy 3


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