GenYChron Ep. 0004 – Free Yale courses, free Internet and practising French with a chatbot

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In this week’s podcast episode we dive into a treasure trove of free knowledge. Did you know you can take free courses at Yale on YouTube? Did you know you can access the Internet for free? The Internet is a paradise of human knowledge, where we can learn French by speaking with chatbots and debunk rumours about Chinese spyware in mobile phones. All this and more, for free, in this week’s episode from the Gen Y Chronicles.

Show notes

0:48 – Stephen King’s opinion about writing your ideas down on paper (YouTube link)

2:07 – The holy trinity of having more energy: diet, sleep and exercise

2:49 – A throwback to episode 1 about avoiding a high-sugar, low-fibre diet (Podcast post)

5:05 – The free online Yale course I’m taking: Introduction to New Testament (RLST 152) (YouTube link)

5:20 – Free university courses from Yale, MIT, Harvard, etc. on YouTube

6:47 – MOOC (Mass Online Open Course) (Wikipedia article)

7:51 – Learn why cats purr and how Google Search tracks the spread of influenza (YouTube link)

9:00SciShow Space, Eons, CrashCourse World History, CrashCourse Psychology, CrashCourse Mythology

10:10 – Learning how to play the piano on the Simply Piano app for Android (Download link)

10:46 – Practising mental math strategies on the MathsApp for Android (Download link)

11:04 – The “secret” Chinese mental math strategy (News article)

13:14 – Accessing the Internet for free: The New York Mesh (YouTube link)

16:55 – Many areas in Detroit don’t have access to high-speed Internet connections (YouTube link)

19:25 – Conversing with a French-speaking chatbot on the Mondly French app for Android (Download link)

21:48 – Prezi is a great alternative to PowerPoint for presenting your ideas (Prezi homepage)

25:55 – The DACH region has a LinkedIn-like professional networking platform called XING (XING homepage)

29:12 – Nokia went from producing fishing boots to mobile phones (Article link)

29:53 – The Windows mobile OS was choked-out by the competition (Wikipedia article)

31:51 – Joe Rogan mentioned that American telecommunications providers are trying to ban Huawei phones based on paranoia about Chinese spyware (Article link) (How to pronounce Huawei)

40:12 – How Vice and Vice News went from being alternative to becoming “mainstream-alternative”

41:27 – Abby Martin and “The Empire Files” on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (YouTube link)


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