GenYChron Ep. 0003 – The sensitivity epidemic in the Western world

Show summary

On this podcast episode we explore what’s causing the sensitivity epidemic: political correctness run amok, micro aggressions, helicopter parenting, trigger warnings, Scent Free Around Me, censorship at universities, safe spaces, etc. We live in a society where we have to constantly walk on egg shells or risk being labelled a social pariah. Let’s dive deep into the root causes and get to the bottom of it (or at least try to grasp the “what” and the “why”).

Show notes

0:25Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan and Simon Sinek

1:10 – The generation line-up

2:40 – Millennials… Are we entitled?

3:50 – The root issue and parenting methods

5:25 – Jordan Peterson’s theory about helicopter parenting (YouTube link)

8:40 – Shrinking families

9:50 – The helicopter parenting epidemic and safe spaces

11:00 – Safe spaces, micro aggressions and trigger warnings

12:10 – Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (Joe Rogan Experience #1081 – Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying)

13:00 – The university culture in Europe (Austria and Germany)

16:45 – “Who’s for capital punishment, who’s against capital punishment? Let’s see a show of hands.”

19:00 – The millennial “cocoon”

20:20 – A culture of rewarding everything

23:40 – “People are very direct in Germany; I think that’s a great thing”

25:40 – The Scent Free Around Me movement (Journal article)

28:18 – Rick Mercer said everyone has become a little too sensitive (News article)

29:04 – Allergy policies in Canada vs. Germany

32:40 – Bouncy castle caution

35:20 – A father in British Columbia gets in trouble for letting his kids use public transit alone (News article)

38:15 – What’s the right age to allow your kid to have a cell phone?


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