GenYChron Ep. 0001 – Infantilized youth, data privacy and gut bacteria

Show summary

We’re excited to welcome you to our first podcast episode. Today we discuss a wide range of nagging social issues. We make a few observations about independent kids in Germany vs. kids in Canada, your online freedom and personal privacy, low-sugar diets, gut bacteria, the supermarket scene in Germany and yes… goose fat.

Show notes

0:55 – Independent German kids

3:20 – Parenting styles (authoritarian, anti-authoritarian and helicopter)

5:00 – Discussion at NYU School of Law with Jonathan Haidt (YouTube link)

6:45 – “News doesn’t tell you what you need to hear, it tells you what you want to hear”

11:15 – James Damore and Heather Heying at Portland State University “Should we be paranoid about Google?”

13:30 – ProtonMail: Secure, free and encrypted email based in Switzerland (ProtonMail’s homepage)

17:05 – The monopoly of information by private enterprise: Black boxes like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google

18:25 – The Edward Snowden revelation (recommended documentary)

20:00 – Concern about privacy and social media practices in Germany

23:30 – German protests against a national census and the Canadian long-form census

28:15 – WHO guideline for added sugar consumption (press release)

29:15 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick Joe on Rogan’s podcast – How a high-sugar, low-fibre diet can cause inflammation (Joe Rogan Experience #1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick)

31:40 – “Your immune system is really affected by your gut bacteria”

33:03 – A better brand of pasta (Barilla’s homepage)

35:15 – “You think Europeans are healthy… I think that’s a prejudice”

36:35 – Canada is a land of imported food

38:10 – Discount super market chains galore in Germany

39:00 – “I like goose fat… Should you say that on the podcast?” (Schmaltz)

41:40 – “Public enemy number one… one bear, it was treated like Godzilla” (First bear in Germany in 170 years)

43:20 – Why can’t we buy wild game in stores in Canada? (News article)

46:10 – Vilifying food and outdated food guides

48:30 – “This whole anti-fat thing is based on flawed research”

53:10 – “I somehow learned to take a shower without this class lol!”


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