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GenYChron Ep. 0016 – The Millennial munchies: Foraging and eating wild edibles

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This week we listen to Jasmin share her knowledge about foraging for wild edibles. We talk about our experiences foraging berries, nuts and various plants in Germany and Nova Scotia. We also explain how we make teas, juices and salads from wild berries and herbs.

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GenYChron Ep. 0015 – Service culture wars: Germany and Austria vs. Canada

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On this week’s show, listen to us reminisce about our eyebrow-raising experiences with servers and cashiers in Germany, Austria and Canada. We compare two different service cultures and two different perspectives to see which one stands supreme. Prepare yourself for a mildly heated discussion!

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"On the Gen Y Chronicles podcast, we distill and share new provoking ideas about important, but underrated topics...

Or sometimes we just shoot the breeze"

  • Education reform – home schooling, Montessori, Waldorf, free university, online university
  • The ever-growing polarization of political ideologies – SJWs vs. alt-right, echo chambers, tribalism
  • Real nutrition, fitness and your DNA – sugar epidemic, gut bacteria, inflammation
  • Cities made for people – Europe vs. the Americas, cars vs. transit, urban jungle vs. suburbia
  • Discussions about outdated laws – alcohol, cannabis, voting age
  • New interpretations about religion – critical thinking, meta physics, holism
  • The language of relationships and marriage – long-distance, cross-cultural and online
  • Navigating bureaucracy and government reform – immigration to Germany and Canada, living abroad
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